You’ve heard us talk time and again about our global footprint. This international presence has allowed us to work with virtually every industry, offering any and every digital marketing solution suited to our clients’ needs. And needless to say, we’re really proud of our work. In over two decades, WSI’s portfolio has become pretty substantial. But today I want to highlight one client case study in particular: Sunsweet.

Sunsweet is a brand recognizable around the globe, often valued for their wholesome, natural and health-conscious products. Partnering with WSI several years ago, their team recognized the opportunity for a complete overhaul to their digital presence. In fact, WSI’s work with Sunsweet earned our network a WMA WebAward in 2015 for the Food Industry Standard of Excellence category.

Let’s take a closer look at how WSI helped Sunsweet enhance their digital marketing strategies.

More About the Client: Sunsweet

Sunsweet is the internationally popular brand behind a variety of dried fruits and juices, which are available in 45 countries around the world. While they were founded in California, USA, just over 100 years ago, their partnership with WSI was established with Sunsweet Europe and Ann Slein, Sales & Marketing Director.


The Client’s Challenges

With a century-old business already underway, the challenge wasn’t necessarily developinga marketing strategy. They had, after all, already established a successful overseas presence. The main challenge lied in ushering their strategy into the next century.

Prior to teaming with WSI, Sunsweet Europe favoured an offline marketing approach – pretty typical for many of WSI’s clientele. The greater part of their strategy involved traditional marketing by way of radio spots, television commercials and magazine and newspaper print ads. Naturally, this offline approach made it difficult for Sunsweet to maintain a cohesive and consistent marketing message throughout Europe. Considering the multi-cultural and multi-lingual audience across the various European markets, they struggled to offer a pan-European experience with their brand.

The WSI Advantage

According to Ann Slein, Sunsweet’s Sales & Marketing Director, “One of the key things that attracted us to working with WSI over a competitive agency was their access to global capability.”

And indeed, WSI is a powerful network of marketers who strive to discover, analyze, build and implement digital solutions that win digital marketing awards, like the 2015 WMA WebAward for this work with Sunsweet. We take pride in helping businesses make the most of the dollars they spend on marketing, and are ultimately only happy when we see them succeed and flourish in the digial world.